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Say goodbye to meal planning and cooking.

Established over 4 years ago in Glasgow, we prepare and deliver fresh, healthy, gluten free meals for fitness and weightloss aimed at busy and health conscious people, who struggle with quality nutrition on everyday basis. 

Paleo eating, combined with physical activity, has proven to promote general health and wellbeing, increased energy and sleep, healthy weight management, improved athletic performance while reducing the risk of chronic diseases and body inflammation.

Over the past 4 years, Paleo Pots has become a vital part of many people's busy lives and the fastest growing healthy meal delivery service in Central Scotland. Our rapid success has allowed us expand our delivery service throughout the whole of the UK.
The science behind Paleo Pots meals is to keep your body in a calorie burning state throughout the day, by supplying properly portion sized meals, which in turn provide stable energy and overall sense of wellbeing.

Please visit our page to learn more about our delivery service and how to eat healthy, feel healthy and be healthy.

Call us on 07974148095 or email us on roma@paleopots.co.uk.