Let food be your medicine

Our Vision & Values

We have created Paleo Pots as we feel passionate about healthy, clean and wholesome nutrition.

21st century typical diet consists mainly of processed foods, refined sugars, dairy and grains. This kind of way of eating makes us gain weight, while at the same time starving our bodies of the vitamins and minerals it needs to survive.

And this is why we have created Paleo Pots. We wanted to provide healthy, nutritious and wholesome meals for busy and health conscious people who want to improve their health and fitness and general wellbeing and make them as convenient as possible.

Our mission is to promote a healthy and effortless lifestyle through balanced nutrition that is gluten, dairy, soy and sugar free for you and your family. Our meals are designed to make your life easier and simpler, allowing you to live healthier and stress-free with meals delivered right to your door.

Avoiding gluten can have a profound effect on your health, with or without gluten intolerance. Our nutrient dense philosophy, ensures you are eating whole, all natural foods, avoiding processed carbs, sugars, gluten and dairy.

Our focus on the benefits of a paleo lifestyle and nutrition, has contributed to our success amongst gyms and private customers.

We follow the saying “Let food be your medicine” as we truly believe in its relevance to what we do.

Our values and guiding principles are very simple:

1. We would only give you food that we would like to eat ourselves.

2. Customer satisfaction is our number ONE priority. If you are not happy with your meal, we will replace for free.

3. We only use ingredients that are paleo friendly. We would never add or subsititue to a non-paleo ingredient when preparing our meals.

4. We take a great pride and care when preparing our meals to ensure quality always remains paramount.