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Lean and Clean

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Ideal for those wanting to increase lean muscle, fuel a workout as well as maintain a lean and toned physique.

High protein and a moderate carbohydrate split will help you fuel your workout, build and repair muscle, while the fat sources will help you stay lean and maintain an optimal hormone production.

This meal plan contains a variety of lean animal protein, fish, nutrient dense slow release carbs such  as sweet potato, butternut squash, white rice, rice noodles vermicelli and green vegetables.

Nutritional information: 40g Protein, 30g Carbohydrates and 30g Fat.


MENU FOR THE WEEK OF 21st May 2018

  • Fajita spiced chicken with peppers, spring onions and tossed in chopped tomatos served with white basmati rice 
  • Chicken meatballs bake cooked in a tangy tomato sauce served  with fresh broccoli, spinach and sweet potato wedges
  • Thai beef cooked with beansprouts, peppers, shallots and thai spices served with thai jasmin rice
  • Paleo pork sausages cooked with peppers and chopped tomatos and aromatic herbs served with sweet potato wedges
  • Turkey shepherds pie with mushrooms, peppers, peas topped with butternut squash and pecan nuts

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