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Paleo Kids

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Get your kids to benefit from healthy balanced nutrition and stay away from ready-made supermarket food that is packed with sugar, unhealthy fats and processed meats.

Paleo Diet eliminates all grains, sugar and dairy and encourages consumption of fresh animal protein, complex carbs, healthy fats, eggs, fruit, vegetables and nuts.

These foods are good for kids as well as adults for the same reasons. They are:

  • High in nutritional value ( especially meat, fish, eggs, vegetables)
  • Low in gut irritants
  • Low in sugar and don’t cause blood sugar spikes
  • Don’t contribute to body inflammation and weight gain

Our kids meals are available in 200g containers, which are ideal as lunches and dinners.

You can either select your favourites from the following dishes or let us choose them for you ( please message us with your choices once you have placed your order):

  • Coconut crust chicken strips, boiled sweet potato and green beans
  • Turkey chilli with peppers, mushrooms, courgettes served with rice vermicelli noodles
  • Turkey shepherds pie with carrots, peas and onions topped with sweet potato mash
  • Mini beef meatballs in fresh tomato sauce served with sweet potato mash and fresh vegetables
  • Fajita chicken with fresh chopped tomatos and peppers served with boiled rice
  • Beef bolognese made with carrots, smokey bacon, celery and mushrooms served with rice vermicelli noodles
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